Kasidie Review: Swingers meet their love

Earlier it used to happen that people would find time to build families or meet their lovers. Yet, the times have changed, now people simply aren’t willing to invest their time into relationships. Today, everyone is searching for a quick and easy solution that gets the job done with the least effort. Moreover, people today are increasingly participating in open relationships and even marriages. All of this comes from a desire to explore and to keep up with time. It is where Kasidie comes in. Thus,what is Kasidie, you ask? Kasidie is a site for people who are looking to explore and to broaden their horizons. It is a site primarily directed towards swingers, who are people in polyamorous relationships looking to mate outside of their respective relationships.

The development of the platform

Kasidie has been in the dating game for a while now. It was founded in 2006 and has since established a kind of niche for itself in the swingers domain. Its target audience is swingers. It is curated by real swingers and is widely known for being extremely efficient at what it aims to do. Customer satisfaction is generally on the upper side, with most singing praises for how it was for them to get the experiences they wanted. While researching for Kasidie review, there were a couple of reports claiming fake accounts, but they were swiftly dealt with by the Kasidie moderators. All of this combined makes Kasidie an extremely reliable and trustworthy site to find the sexual experiences you desire.

The usability of the platform

The website is extremely well made and easy to use. It is easy to navigate through and find whatever it is that you’re looking for. As far as the apps are concerned, they are available on both android platform as well as on IOS. The applications are intuitive, responsive, and very user friendly. Kasidie has done a fantastic job at providing customer satisfaction via an easy to use interface in both its site as well as mobile apps.

Kasidie operates as an adult social networking platform. Hence, the site offers you a bunch of filters that make it easy for you to find the people you want to engage with. One such filter is based on what you are or aren’t willing to participate in. Moreover, some other filters include those based on your preferred sexual orientation, distance, and age. Using all these filters makes it a lot easier to meet the right partner for you than would otherwise be.

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