How to make him like you online?

In today’s world, we all communicate through messengers, and it doesn’t matter if we just met or have known each other for several years. Correspondence replaces live communication, and for many people it is even a simplified version of the dialogue, because there is time to think, assess the words of the interlocutor and give something more successful than an awkward silence.

On the other hand, in correspondence, you can misunderstand the text of the message or get nervous if you do not get an answer in time. Most dating applications and sites include a messaging feature. But if you’re chatting with a young person on the Internet, it’s important to know how you can interest them with text. 

Never write just “Hello!”.

A “hello” message is certainly the laziest option when it comes to text messages. Of course, you’re just trying to push a person into a dialogue, but there are many creative ways to get their attention.

Instead, give him/her a reason to reply.

Show him what’s going on in your life.

It may seem too trivial, but men like it when a woman is not too accessible. Do not underestimate the power of his chase after you. Answer to each of his messages in a second, and soon he may stop writing at all. But show him that you are a busy lady who has a lot to do, and he will be even more interested in you.  If you want to learn to write in a way that interests him, let him know that you are not always ready for a dialogue. If you are going to spend time with friends, answer his message, but let him know that today you will rarely be online.

Don’t forget to ask questions

Asking questions about his work, his family, his hobby or his daily life is a great way to engage him in a dialogue. Show your own interest in his life, and he will most likely answer you back.

Do not answer instantly

It is not necessary to play dating games, but in fact pauses in the dialogue are not games. Rather, it is a strategy that will help you in the future. What happens if you answer it within a few seconds, but after a few weeks or months you lose interest and delay between answers? He will notice right away. Again, the chase factor. If you constantly respond instantly, it is more like an “always working” option. Another good rule of thumb is to pay attention to how quickly (or slowly) he replies to your messages. If you wait for him to reply all day, you don’t have to react as soon as he is willing to write a message. But if the dialogue develops vigorously, you can actively support it.

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