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The dating site “Maybe” is in the category personals. This site is suitable for people with heterosexual, gay and lesbian sexual orientation. Started in 2002, this site is now 18 years old. The homepage does not contain any pornographic images and is therefore G-rated. This is an independent dating website, which does not belong to any network.


More specialized search criteria are available for an advanced search. Regional searches let you to meet individuals in the city you are looking for. Usually on very large dating websites it can be difficult to get enough attention from other members. There is simply an enormous number of members with very similar profiles, making it more difficult to stand out. Fortunately, Maybe offers a paid top listing of your profile so that more people will be able to see your account in searches. Maybe allows you to block certain members so that they can no longer contact you. This can be especially helpful if you receive too many messages from members you are not interested in. Maybe offers various online games so you can pass the time while waiting for answers or just to have fun. If you’re unsure what to write in your first message, read our comprehensive guide here on this page.

How can you register on Maybe?

Maybe has a medium length registration form with a total of 7 required fields.

Maybe App

If you use this dating site on a mobile device such as a smartphone, you will be automatically redirected to a site optimized for mobile devices. There is no mobile app yet.


Maybe is a publicly accessible website. Everyone who visits this website can see your profile. If you want privacy and to remain undetected, this dating site is not for you. Because there is no way to mask your pictures on Maybe, anyone can see you freely and completely on the pictures, you can usually add multiple pictures to your profile. However, all members can see your photos. Some dating sites have a panic button that guarantees immediate redirection to a safe website. This feature is not available on Maybe.

Deleting your profile

Since this is a free dating site, you do not need to worry about cancellation. To remove your profile from the dating site, you have two options. Deactivating your profile makes your profile invisible to other users. This option allows you to log in and reactivate your profile. Alternatively, you can close your account so that it is completely deleted.

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