He’s a tyrant: Five signs that your man is “breaking” you

The union of a man and a woman is, in essence, one of the most magical aspects of life. In a relationship with a partner, we can discover our most beautiful facets, learn new things, create a family and a new life. When harmony reigns in a pair, even conflict becomes just a step towards a deeper and happier relationship. But in reality for some reason we often, instead of the promised happiness, lose ourselves in the relationship and do not feel the best way. Unfortunately, there are a lot and a lot of such unions. Invisible to themselves, hundreds of women find themselves in relationships in the position of victims and suffer from so-called hidden violence. To an outside observer, such an alliance may seem like an idyll. Within a relationship, however, slowly but surely, one partner slowly “breaks” the other.

“I don’t like your friends and family”

The desire for power and total control is one of the signs of a violent personality (whether psychological or physical). Therefore, as the relationship develops, you suddenly find yourself isolated from the usual circle of communication and even family.

The sauces under which this type of manipulation is applied can be different. Your man can play on guilt by telling you how bored he is when you are not around. Or, in a rude and sarcastic way, he can express his negative opinion about your sister, girlfriend, urging you to reduce or even stop communicating with them. Or harassing you with calls, messages and suspicions of treason. Every meeting with friends or trip to family becomes a test of strength and the subject of heated discussion or cause his bad mood. Another characteristic feature of the beginning of tyranny is the requirement of the partner to agree with him all his plans, while he himself is in complete peace with his family at a convenient time and place.

Unconscious goal one – to deprive you of the usual support, human resources, and close your world and life on yourself, to get your portion of attention at any time and establish control over the situation. 

Down with self-fulfillment

Some of them bring joy, others the opposite. It is important for everyone to fill their lives with resources that help them rest their souls and become more resilient to the challenges of life. Some people like to embroider ribbons, and some need to attend a piano recital or meet an old friend once a month. All these resources ultimately make us more whole, stronger, and freer.

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