6 secrets of happy couples

Much has changed over the last hundred years – in the world, in the country, in the worldview and values. Every day a huge flow of information comes down on us, which is increasingly difficult to digest. And that in itself is a lot of stress. Add to this the history of several generations, the mistakes of education, the complete confusion in the distribution of functions and social roles between men and women – and a mix that is almost incompatible with the notion of a happy family. But the more pleasant it is to see people who have been able to live together for decades and keep the warmth and joy of living together. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

In general, trying to find out from a happy long-living couple what their secret is is not an easy thing. Like many successful faces, they are very vague in terms of wording and are completely far from analyzing the algorithms of their success. But still, there is something that unites them, those little rules that will be useful for each relationship.

The business community has long been aware that the well-coordinated work of all parts of a company is the key to its well-being. That’s why multi-digit numbers are sent to finance all kinds of events that can create the most effective team. Relationship with another person is also a kind of team game. When a man and a woman pair up, they form a new coalition called “We”. “We” exists when all of its components are involved in the life support of this project. Two people become one crew with common goals, values and direction. And maintaining a shared “good” is a common priority.

No matter how much a man and woman have in common, we are different one way or another. Relationships are partly similar to landing on another planet, where some laws of the world order may be radically different from the usual. Hardly anything will work if you immediately enthusiastically take up the restructuring of this planet in its own way, without learning anything about it.

Happy couples often agree that in the first place, simply accept and love each other entirely, without exception. In this relationship, everyone feels safe and can freely express themselves. Conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable, but by accepting each other as they are, representatives of two different worlds learn to understand, listen and hear each other. This creates a new atmosphere, space, languages and perhaps new planets.

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