8 rules of correspondence, which will save time and nerves

“Immediately answer or wait for an hour, let him get nervous,” – have you ever had such thoughts when meeting on the site? Everything is much simpler and you do not need to come up with special tactics to interest or keep a new conversation partner. We’ve put together 8 rules of correspondence to make sure. 

1. Don’t waste your nerves and effort by selecting words carefully. While you are selecting the perfect phrase and trying to be a sample of wit, your conversation partner simply types “Ok” with one finger.

2 Do not look for the abyss of hidden meaning behind each letter of the message. The companion didn’t mean anything that you’ve made up in there. “I’m so tired, shall we play on Tuesday?” doesn’t mean the other date. You were told what you thought. Don’t draw strange conclusions, and most importantly, the mistakes that come out of them.

3. “Master of correspondence” doesn’t mean “best guy/girl on earth” yet. Perhaps all courtesy and courtesy ends in an elegant syllable.

4. He may be a sms-mailer, but he is incredibly sweet and kind, smart and witty, has versatile interests and is the soul of the company – but try to put it in a few tens of signs and a couple of smileys.

5. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t answer your message for hours, it doesn’t mean you’re the monster he’s fled to Australia from. He’s just busy at work / helping a friend / messing around in the garage / her phone is dead. You have more important things to do than check your inbox every second, don’t you?

6. If your first date went well, it’s only natural to want a visa to call or at least write. But we’re adults who can control their desires, right? Who knows why you’re in no hurry to write. Perhaps the person you’re talking to is afraid to pick up the wrong words? Or wants to think about what happened between you two first? Wait quietly. Enjoy the memories of a great evening.

7. No one forbids you to write first. If the visa liked it too, what difference does it make who writes first? And if you didn’t like it, you’ve got nothing to lose at all. The main thing is not to write more than one message if the visa suddenly doesn’t respond.

8 It is quite natural that as your relationship develops, you will write to each other less often. Don’t panic! That doesn’t mean you’re getting cold feet. It means that you have a stable relationship, and the partner does not have to feverishly check by text whether you are still here or not.

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