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Recently some scientists conducted a research and found out that most of the teenagers are afraid of losing their smartphones. Some seniors who are over 55 years old have no doubt that such a fear is quite meaningless. However, even some psychologists disagree with this point of view on this controversial issue because today, the Internet has become a great replacement for some things which used to be our routine even several years ago.

However, the Internet can be helpful for people who are looking for their one-night stands or partners who will be ready to start long-term relationships with them. Nonetheless, some users who aren’t experienced in such activities have no doubt that these platforms are exploited in order to start a monogamous relationship. However, such a point of view is completely wrong. In fact, there are lots of websites that let you meet a partner, even if you are already dating. To find the most useful services for polygamous dating, read this review.


This site is one of the most well-known among people who prefer polygamous relationship. Even though Feeld was developed only in 2014, this website has already become one of the most enormous platforms in the niche, and it’s reasonable. This online service allows users to select one of 23 sexual orientations, and people can create accounts for couples.

However, the number of features is not the only reason why almost 2 million members have already joined this community. One more reason why so many people select this site is its user-friendly desigh. Since it looks modern, you don’t have to spend much time looking where particular features are located.


This online service is also poplar among people who want to start a polygamous dating. To get access to this online program, you have to download the 3Somer application. This app is free to join, and you can exploit many of the features the owners of this mobile program provide without paying for your membership.


This platform is also an outstanding application for your smartphone. While using Fantasy, members can forget about any shyness and feel free to talk on the most controversial topics with other individuals because most f them are quite open-minded. The main topics they adore to discuss are kinks, fetishes, and sexual desires. Therefore, look for some other platforms if you aren’t ready for some intimate themes.

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