Passionate Striptease is the Best Way to Turn on your Partner before Virtual Sex

Have you ever had virtual sex with a random interlocutor in an online cam chat? Or maybe you are parted with your spouse for a long time and want to relax together via a cam chat? In any case, many users daily visit video chats to have virtual sex and caress oneself in front of the camera.

When you’re ready for this activity, it is necessary to think about the way to start your lustful pastime. Although you’re online, still, it is important to have some prelude to create the right atmosphere and turn on your partner and yourself. In this case, a passionate striptease serves as the best solution.

A passionate dance will demonstrate the beauty of your body and seductive curves. But to do it truly exciting, you should keep in mind several rules that will help make your performance as passionate and seductive as possible.

  • Slow and smooth movements are the key to success

In no case, move quickly or imitate a robot. Even if you get nervous, try to control your body and move smoothly. A striptease is aimed at showing your body. Thus, if you move quickly, your partner won’t be able to observe all your curves.

  • Simple movements are better than complicated ones

There is no need to imitate a professional striptease dancer. You’re not in a competition. Your partner has no idea about the level of movement complexity. Men usually get excited after a few body waves or circles with chest or hips. You do not have to add complex movements to impress him. Remember that even the most primitive dance for you will be the most enjoyable performance for your partner.

  • Take time to increase his interest

Do not start undressing from the first seconds of your track. Generally, the first minute is left for a simple slow dance, during which your partner in an online video chat develops his imagination and tries to predict what goes next.

You should put off clothes gradually. Remember that as you put off one clothing item, keep dancing and adding particular attention to a naked part of your body.

  • The choice of clothes is half of success

Of course, women choose the sexiest lingerie they have. For example, a semitransparent lace underpants and bra are an excellent option. However, you should also put something above your underwear. It can be a silky peignoir, a male chemise or T-shirt. If you have many buttons on clothes, do not fasten all of them. Give preference to clothes that are easily unfastened or untied.

  • Keep dancing as you’re naked

Show your seductive naked body and let your partner observe it from all sides.

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