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Recently the internet has become one of the most important aspects of people’s subsistence. As the statistics says an average modern human being who is 25 or less spends at least four hours per day using his mobile phone. And the statistics includes only that time when a person uses the internet in order to relax and watch some videos or play computer games. People whose job responsibilities include working on the computer spend up to ten hours daily online.

There is a huge number of people who use the internet specifically for relationships. In this case they create their personal profiles on dating websites dozens of which have been developed by software engineers. The most popular services for those users who are looking for a true destiny are in this list.


Match is one of the oldest websites developed specifically for dating. Quit was founded in 1995, and now there are millions of people who use it daily. One of the most essential features of the service is the fact that it allows users to choose dealbreakers. Furthermore, there is a friendly interface. That’s why it’s easy to use even for those who don’t spend much time on the internet.

Moreover, Match is not simply a dating website, it is also an app for the phone. This program has quite a helpful feature which can show you whom of the users you have recently seen in real life. So, you can use it not only for find a partner for online dating but also for a real-life relationship.

One more advantage of this service is the fact that the main features here are absolutely free. In case if you want to get more options, you ought to pay $20 each month.


This is also a service for dating which is used all around the world. The main reason why it’s so popular is the fact that users are allowed to choose not simply interests which they want their future partner to have but also his political affiliations. As the statistics of the website says there is a huge number of people who decided to go to the second date after the first one.

It’s also a free version. However, if you want to get an unlimited number of matches, you ought to pay.


This is a dating platform for those users who are bored of bright colors and want the design of websites to be minimalistic and simple. It’s also a well-known service because it can be used for queer dating.

However, if a person wants to fully enjoy this website, he has to pay $9.95 for one month.

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