A Story of One Disabled Person Who Found Love on a Cam Chat

Hi! I’m Stefan. I want to share my story with you. I don’t look for sympathy. Now, I’m happy and I’m optimistic about my life! But my mood was not always like that. I hope my story will inspire someone to keep struggling with and life and don’t give up. So, let’s start.

I was an ordinary guy; I was fond of football, swimming, and hanging out with my mates! But one day changed my life forever; it was like one event divided my life into the period before and after. I had an accident. I got hit by a car. As a result, I became a disabled person. I have no one leg. The first time after the accident I did not want to live. The rehabilitation period was long and expensive. My parents gave all their money to cure me. They were grateful to God and doctors for that they saved my life regardless of the fact the one leg was amputated. Neither did I. I was angry with the whole world. I regretted that I did not die at that moment, because who really needed a disabled person!

I was confined to a wheelchair. Since that time, I forgot what life means. I was a walking corpse that supported existence through food. I forgot about feelings. My whole life turned into one continuous depression.

I didn’t leave my apartment myself. My mom walked with me. My friends visited me at home but I couldn’t play football or walk anymore. They advised me to start chatting on random video chats in order to distract myself from my pain.

I refused, but some time passed I decided to try. I met lots of interesting and intelligent interlocutors with whom I could chat and make new friends. Once, I was connected to a pretty girl. We started a conversation. It was a pleasant dialogue with an erudite girl. We both were from one city. We chatted with pleasure. She was very cute, cheerful, and lively.

We shared contacts and continued communication. Our online dating grew into a friendship. I felt that I liked that girl. But I was scared and upset at the same time as she still didn’t know that I was a disabled person. I was afraid of that moment when I had to tell her the truth. And that moment came.

One day, when we communicated more than a month since the time we met on a random video chat, she asked me why I still hadn’t invited her to walk in a park or something like that. At that moment, I felt that it was the end. I told to her that I was a disabled man and I didn’t have one leg. Of course, she was shocked. But her reaction shocked me as well. She suggested meeting at my home. I thought that she immediately broke up our relations but such a reaction was quite a surprise for me. Maybe, she didn’t realize what she did. I didn’t know, but I agreed.

She came. It was our first date in real life. She suggested walking on the street with my wheelchair. She made me do it. Since that time we walked, had fun, and spent time together. I became more sociable. Now, these are four years since we’re together. She’s my young wife. She returned me to life and I can’t stop admiring her. I’m grateful to her and my friends who advised visiting a random video chat for online dating where I found my love.

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