The best apps for dating

Even twenty years ago most of the people found their couple while working or while simply walking around the streets of their cities. However, nowadays, the situation is not the same anymore. Although it’s difficult to find out a modern teenager who doesn’t have his personal profile on one of the social media platforms, a younger generation is not as confident as their older relatives used to be. That’s why a conventional way of meeting your destiny doesn’t work for them. And how can young adults start dating? Several years some of the software engineers found the solution to such a problem. That’s why they created applications which allow users build a long-term relationship via the internet. Here are the most popular programs in this article.

Top 3 apps

As it has been mentioned, the lack of confidence is one of the most significant issues of a younger generation. That it’s there are huge of programs which can help solve this problem. Here are the best apps in this list:

  • Badoo;
  • MyLove;
  • Tinder

The most essential advantage of these applications is that all of them can be used by Android and iOS smart phone owners. However, don’t install the first one, learn a little bit about each of these programs beforehand.


This app is the most enormous platform for communication in the world. It’s amazing not only for those users who are eager to date online but also for those people who want to find a partner in real life. This program shows people with the same interests nearby.

One of the main features of this app is it allows using a video chat. So you will be able to see how your interlocutor looks like in real life. There is also an option which lets find a double. It’s marvelous for those who want to meet a human being who looks like a popular actor.


Before having any conversations a users has to fill up the form which will help find users with the same personal preferences. It’s also possible to leave some comments under others’ photos. You can also choose a country in the settings.

One more thing which makes this application unusual is that you can pay some extra money in order to make your profile be on the top of the list.


This is also quite a popular dating app. Tinder has become well-known all around the world because you can have a conversation only with those users who have chosen you too. Such an option helps avoid talking to people who don’t attract you.

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