The best tips to learn a language

According to the statistics, every second person who is under 25 knows at least one foreign language. The main reason why there is such a huge demand for this skill that it helps communicate with those people who live in different parts of the world and understand others’ cultures much better. Furthermore, when you know another language, you can read books or watch movies without any translation. Even though lots of people have already become advanced speakers of foreign languages, many people have been trying to improve such a skill for many years, but they are still beginners. Here are advice for those individuals who are eager to forget about any language gap.

Watch movies and TV-shows

The most profitable activity for those people who are in need of improving their language skills is to start watching some movies and TV shows without any translation. If you are a beginner, you can start with some funny and small cartoons. If you don’t understand anything while watching, simply turn the subtitles on. After the first time switch them off and watch again. Furthermore, it is also quite significant to write down words which you don’t know, but don’t write the translation, find an explanation in that language which you learn.

If you are more experienced learner of a foreign language, you can move on to more difficult genres. After animation you can go to comedies which are not filled with some terminology.

Listen and repeat

This advice is for those people who want to improve their pronunciation. You should understand what accent you want to have and find a video where a native speaker uses it. After listening to each phrase you need to repeat it trying to copy everything. Such an exercise will be much more profitable if you ask your relatives to listen to you and to tell you if you have any mistakes in your pronunciation.

Don’t learn words

A lot of people don’t even know what it’s a meaningless activity to learn words because some words are used in another meaning which can be understood only in context. It’s much more profitable to learn the entire phrases which can be used in the particular situation. As a result, you will learn more and will memorize better.

To sum up, these days people don’t need to spend several hours per day on doing some exercises in boring textbooks in order to learn a foreign language because it’s much easier to memorize improve skills with more enjoyable activities.

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