The research of video chatting

Since the development of the internet the communication has changed a lot. Nowadays, people prefer texting to their friends or relatives instead of meeting their cronies in real life. However, one will make a mistake if he says that people have started to talk to each other less. These days there are a lot of modern services where you will be able to find a mate or even a lover. Firstly, the developers created messengers where one could chat not only with people who they knew but also with strangers. Moreover, video chatting has become available for public recently. These are special services which you can use if you have a web camera. These websites have gained their popularity not only in English- speaking countries, but also in Asia. That is why scientists conducted a research, and here are some shocking results.

People don’t tell the truth about their appearance

The results show that more than a half of those people who use video chats tell their interlocutors that they weigh much less or taller than they are in reality. Most women say they are 5 kg lighter, males also lie but less. However, both sexes do not tell the truth about their age.


Women pay more attention to the information on the profile than men

At least every second female learns everything about the man who attracts her before starting a conversation with him on the video chat.


Furthermore, men who go through other people’s profiles spend 65 percent of their time looking at the photos.


Race and class are still essential

When a user read his interlocutor’s information, he looks at his race and class. This is essential for some individuals to talk to people of the same nationality. Moreover, you get much chances to find a mate on the video chat if you say that you are a “middle class” than if you are a “working class”.


Only two couples out of three from the internet will go on a real date

The possibility of meeting your online lover in reality is quite high. However, only five years ago all the pairs who met each other while they were using a video chat would not meet even after several years together.


30 percent of women ask for a help before starting a conversation

Almost every third female asks her friend to check her profile beforehand. However, only 16 % of men do that before chatting.


Dating online saves more than 50000 dollars

If you date on a video chat, you don’t need to go to a luxurious restaurant or to a cinema with your beloved person.

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