Five Funny Video Chat Stories

Lots and lots of different people use chatroulettes for fun and entertainment. With millions of people doing video chatting every day, there are lots of funny and interesting situations that happen between them. Internet is full of funny videos and screenshots of users getting pranked in video chats.

Here are the top 5 funny stories about video chat dating.

  • Many users get caught on various pranks in chatroulettes. A pretty girl’s face that suddenly turns into a devil made the guy on the other side of the screen to literally fall from his chair.
  • Jessica Alba’s fan did not recognize the celebrity despite her confession. He told the star with complete assurance that she does not look a bit like Jessica Alba but more like an Asian. The superstart was upset because hearing that you do not look like yourself without make up is not the best thing to hear. Especially, if you are a celebrity like Jessica Alba.
  • A guy and a girl met in video chat and both used dim light so that none could fully see each other’s face. When they finally picked a spot to meet up (both appeared to live in the same city), the girl turned out to be the guy’s sister. Both used fake info in their profile. Hopefully, it will teach them a lesson.
  • A guy who desperately wanted to meet a hot girl in chatroulette, finally sees the girl of his dreams. Being nervous, he starts telling her stories and just talking about random stuff for a while before he realizes the girl does not move and does not even blink. Having heard giggling in the headphones, he realized he was pranked by guys who made the big poster look like human being on camera.
  • A guy whose parents went out of town hosted a huge party at his place without his parents knowing about it. Someone decided to get online and open chatroulette to brag with the party. To a great surprise of the guy whose house it was, he sees his parent on the screen who apparently also were into video chatting. The party got cancelled very soon.

A Solid Reason To Try Video Chats

Judging from these stories, video chatting can never be boring. Even though some people tend to get in awkward and weird situations sometimes, they have good stories to tell about it afterwards. Chatroulettes hold a lot of surprise for you, so if you still hesitate, make up your mind fast not to miss the fun.

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