How to Make a Guy in Chatroulette Like You

It is not a secret that many young people use chatroulette to seek love adventures. In fact, chatroulette is full of attractive young single guys who look for a date or just someone to talk to. Either way, your primary task is to make them notice you, like you, and  want to talk to you. But how to do that? Start out by following these three steps.

Step 1

First off, do your best to be pleasant to look at. Angle of the camera, lightning, makeup, and clothes have to make you look your best. Even though they say appearance is not all – it is in video chat dating.

Step 2

You room has to look as neat as you are. Pick the best spot to place the camera or a laptop, make sure you can be comfortably placed there.

Step 3

Eliminate the distractions. If there is something else in the room that distracts you, it can ruin the first impression and make the guy think you are not interested in talking to him.

How to Make a Good First Impression?

So, now you are ready to make the positive first impression. After you have done everything to look your best, it is high time to leave worrying aside. Being nervous will make you do extra movements or say stupid things, so just cope with it and go to chatroulette. Having found the guy you liked and who seemingly liked you, start a conversation. Here are some tips that will make him like you:

  • Be present and listen to what he has to say attentively.
  • Ask questions to show you are interested.
  • Smile or laugh when he makes a funny joke (or not that funny even)
  • Look into the camera from time to time – this will create an impression of you looking him in the eyes
  • Tell him about your interests and hobbies
  • Be natural and do not check the way you look on camera all the time – that can look weird.

Why Looking for Dates in Chatroulettes?

Okay, so now you are all set up for chatroulette dating. The final thing to mention is that not all people in video chats look for serious romantic relationships. If you do but you feel like the guy does not, it is unlikely you can change that. Nevertheless, video chat dating has a lot of benefits if you look for something serious. Unlike when you go with someone on a real date, starting romantic communication in video chats allows both partners see if they actually ‘click.’ Seeing each others on camera before meeting in person gives an opportunity to find a lot about each other, see if you have common interests and topics to talk about. Chatroulette dating has all chances to overgrow into serious relationships if you meet the right guy who is ready for commitment.          

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