Nine Video Chat Dating Tips

Video chat dating can be as exciting and romantic as dating someone in real life. There are plenty of attractive people to talk to in video chats. If you met the person you like in video chat, you have all the power to turn these relationships into something serious over time. However, one of the main perks of video chat dating is the ability to get to know each other well before meeting in person.

Some Online Dating Tips

There are so many people in video chats that the possibility of meeting someone you like is really high. Read these nine dating tips to help you succeed in online dating.

  1. Do not be too modest. Brag about your accomplishments and do not diminish them. Your main task is to make your partner hear something to remember you by, to differentiate you from the rest of people they meet in video chats.
  2. Show your interest. Do not just sit there like you do not care. Listen attentively and ask questions. Think of similar stories and situations that happened to you. Just keep it lively.
  3. Look your best on the camera. Lying on the bed and looking into the camera with your double chin facing the potential date is not a good idea. Work with lightning, angle, posture, and face expression to look nice.
  4. Diversify the conversation. If you are on a video call, you can bring your dog to say hi or you can demonstrate how well you play the flute.
  5. Think of surprising and non-boring questions to ask. Many video chat conversations sound like job interviews, which you surely do not want to happen to you. Surprise your video chat partner with question he or she would have hard time replying – in a good way.
  6. Tell jokes or funny stories. These are always in trend. It does not matter whether you just met a person or this is your 100th conversation. A good story is something a person will remember you by.
  7. Treat online dating partner seriously. If you arranged to make a video call the next day at a certain time, do show up.   
  8. Do not rush it. If you like a person, do try to communicate more often. As a rule, people who meet in video chats are not ready to meet each other in person at once.
  9. Be yourself. Laugh, flirt, share stories and memories, and do not try to be someone else. Even though it is still a virtual reality, video chatting is the closest to real-life communication.

Trust but Verify

Video chats are full of people with fake identities. If you do not want to fall victim to one of such people, do not blindly believe everything they say. Once in chatroulettes, your inner fact-checker has to constantly monitor what people say. If you notice some discrepancies in person’s stories, there is a possibility a failed liar is in front of you. As to online dating, following our advice will help you become popular among video chat users.

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